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Como Ganhar Massa Muscular Sem Engordar

Como ganhar massa muscular sem engordar?

In the search for a defined body and fat, many people end up making wrong choices. See the tips to gain muscle without fat.


People who opt for intensive training often have the same goal: gain muscle quickly without accumulating fat.
However, this is a rather complicated goal. Who wants to set the musculature in a short time needs to consume a greater amount of calories per day. This supports the caloric excess protein synthesis, which enables the increase of the muscles.
The problem is that there is a way to route all the excess calories for the production of muscle mass. Thus, a portion of the calories in excess of the daily requirement will accumulate in the body as fat. Ideally, therefore, is to bet first in the mass, whether fat or thin, then focus on fat loss.

Healthy food

Of course there are ways to gain muscle mass without gaining too much fat. The secret is mainly in the choice of food that makes up the daily diet. It must rather be caloric, but those calories should have nutritional quality. Burger with fries is calorie? Yes. But definitely not the best option for a well-defined body.

The best foods for those who want to gain muscle are the lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and good fats. Dishes enshrined in the training of the universe, such as chicken to Ganhar Massa Muscular Sem Engordar with sweet potatoes and represent this beneficial foods. Prefer the grilled steaks with low fat content, whole grains, vegetables with low glycemic index and vegetable oils.
See the tips to have a defined and without body fat in less time

Increased Caloric

As we mentioned before, there must be surplus calories to support the training of muscles. But that does not mean that the caloric increase is indefinite. It is necessary that you consult a dietitian to calculate the amount of daily calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight. The addition amounts of 15% to 20% of this value.
So, if for weight maintenance you need 2,600 calories per day, you should ingest up to 3,120 kcal daily to gain mass in less time. The Muscle Gain menu of foods should be those that have been mentioned before, always remembering that the variety is critical to ensure a healthy process.

Aerobic training

The cardio workout (aerobic) should not be overstated. It is important to avoid excessive accumulation of fat, but can interfere with muscle mass. So the trick is to do cardio sessions 2-3 times a week, alternating high and low intensity exercises.
Once you have already managed to gain volume, then yes it's time to focus on burning fat. Losing body fat is then easier because muscle itself speeds up the metabolism, promoting fat burning.

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Eat the right foods

The first and most important principle to build muscle and burn fat is to choose to eat the right food. When you want to bulk up does not give the person a ticket to consume what the person wants to eat. The diet should be rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins. Complex carbohydrates like cereals, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are high in fiber that help in the fall of extra fat that has been accumulated. Likewise, one must choose the right proteins as well.The protein derived from Sem Engordar legumes, sprouts, eggs, fish and lean cuts of meat are recommended.People often totally omit the fat from your diet when you are growing up and not want to get fat. However, this is a myth. The body does not need to unsaturated food processing. Therefore, include oils rich in Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet in limited quantities. Along with the right amount of protein, complex carbohydrates and fats, you also have to pay attention to other nutrients in your meals as well.

Plan your meals and times of the meal Set

In order to gain muscle mass without gaining fat is important to divide your meals into five to six small meals throughout the day. You will have to plan ahead for it. Your meals should have a balance of lean meat protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. When you continue to consume small meals at regular intervals, you will see that your metabolism will be on the higher side. Furthermore, the protein consumed by the different meals will ensure that your muscles are food at regular intervals.

Eat more, but how much?

As long as a person wants to build muscle does not mean that a person can consume as much as you want. The calorie intake should not increase by more than 15-20%. So you do not eat more than Ganhar Massa Muscular Sem Engordar you consume the necessary calories, you will need to ensure you the space for your meals evenly.

Water Consumption

Along with the consumption of food at regular intervals, you also have to pay attention to the amount of water consumed throughout the day. Water helps to keep the muscles hydrated. It is also important for a better assimilation of nutrients in the body and do not forget that best aid in the digestion of food.